Writing For Christian Grandfather Magazine

Categories for Submission 

(Last updated 8-14-2022)

 Note: CGM reserves the right to update and change these guidelines at any time without notice.

All writers must read and be in total agreement with Our Beliefs as listed on the menu bar. 

Submissions should be between 300 and 1200 words. If you have an article that is longer, please submit for our review, with a request to consider. 

All submissions must be a Word.doc. If you cannot submit in Word please post in the body of an email.

Font: Times New Roman at 12 pt. text size (with exception of titles, etc.), left-justify all text, and italicize words of emphasis.

If you use referral scripture or other items please highLight and link these to the correct URL.

You may submit content that has been published once before provided it has been at least six months since publication.

You may also submit previously a published article that has been rewritten provided it satisfies one of our categories.

CGM retains the right to reject any submission at any time during the review process for any reason, including nonconformity to our guidelines, our beliefs, or refusal to cooperate with our editors. 

All submissions should be grammar and spell-checked before submission.

All submitted material is subject to use by CGM. By your you’re submission you consent to have your material published on the CGM website under the following terms:

    • CGM publications will be linked to FaceBook, Gettr, and LinkedIn, and possibly other social media sites in the future. You’re writing and photography will be included and credited on these sites.
    • Authors and photographers grant CGM the right to publish their work. 
    • The author or photographer retains full rights and ownership to their works.
    •  If you believe your work has been reproduced without permission, please contact CGM to resolve the issue.
  • CGM reserves the right to update and change these guidelines at any time without notice.


In order to introduce you to our readers and provide full credit to you as a writer/contributor, we require a short personal bio between 50- 300 words in length and written in third person. Add basic information. Examples: Your name, or pen name, a description of major writing credits, books you’ve authored, awards, personal interest, family, number of children and/or grandchildren, where you live (State or Country), etc. You may also include a link to your website or blog. CGM reserves the right to edit your profile to fit our format.

Include a .jpg photo of yourself. Do not embed your photo in your submission, keep it separate, such as an attachment. CGM reserves the right to edit the photo to improve quality or to fit our format.

Photographers MUST submit .jpg photos, in landscape format only. Include your name and a link to your photography website. 

Please note: By submitting your photos, you agree to allow CGM to modify, as needed, to include brightness, contrast, and photo captions over the photo itself. 

Books: Authors who wish to submit their books for promotion must be a consistent writer for CGM and have published several articles.    

DISCLAIMER: The opinions, beliefs and viewpoints expressed by the various authors on CGM do not necessarily reflect the opinions, beliefs and viewpoints of CGM.

No part of any CGM published work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without written permission from the author, publisher, or photographer.

All rights reserved. If you wish to use an article or photo you must contact the author for permission.

PLAGIARISM(s): The information published in CGM are works of the individual author(s). We accept no responsibility for any articles, poems, or photography we unknowingly published that has been plagiarized. Authors and photographers alone must accept full responsibility for their material. If you believe we have published your work, please email us at submissions@christiangrandfather.org for our review.

IMPORTANT: Before your article can be published you must go to the CGM website. On the menu bar you will find, Members. Under Members you will see, Register As A Subscriber. Fill out the information here and add your bio and bio Photo. Once you are subscribed we will be notified and we will change your status from Subscriber to Contributor once you begin writing for us. When changed your personal credits will automatically be added to each published article. After you have been writing for us for a while we will allow you to post your own articles, with corresponding photos, on the site. Once we have approved it, your work will go on line for the date you have chosen. We will provide instructions at that time.

Submit all writing, photography, or questions to: submissions@christiangrandfather.org

Please type “The Date of Submission,”  “Category”  and “Your Last Name” in the subject line.

Andy Oldham

Founder, Christian Grandfather Magazine