Writing For Christian Grandfather Magazine

Guidelines for Submission 

 2023 Magazine Submission Guidelines

Christian Grandfather Magazine is digitally published, daily by Christian Grandfather, LLC.

All submissions are subject to editorial review before acceptance and publication.

Content: Focused on articles, stories, poems, testimonies, short devotionals, and teaching centered around Grandfather’s and future grandfathers (Dads). Your submission should encourage, motivate, and provide ideas for dads and grandfathers to become better leaders in their families. Please also read Our Beliefs to make sure you agree with out statement of faith and belief. Please email us for suggested writing prompts.

Previously Published Works are welcome provided you own all rights to your work.

Rights: Contributing writers keep the rights to their work granting Christian Grandfather, LLC the right to publish, republish, share, archive, and for prom use.

Word Count: Suggested 500 to 1000 words. Devotionals: 100 to 500 words.

Submission Format: Microsoft Word Documents are preferred. .

By-Line: A bi-line is included in the publication you submit. The author must submit a short written bio and bio photo. You may include a link to to your website with your bio.

Acceptance: All submissions will be promptly acknowledged and the author will be advised via email if their submission has been accepted and the date it is scheduled to be published.

Contributors must execute a signed Copyright Release Form, indicating that submitted work is original to the contributor.

Distribution: Writers will be provided with a digital link to the publication in which their published work appears. The link is sharable through social media and is suitable for use on a writers website or blog.

Compensation: Christian Grandfather is a non-profit, free digital magazine. Currently, we do not offer compensation for published content.

Christian Grandfather reserves the right to change or modify these submission guidelines at any time without prior notice.

Please contact us at submissions@christiangrandfather.org for clarification, or questions regarding these guidelines.

Before submitting to Christian Grandfather, please read Our Beliefs  to insure you agree. We also suggest that you read our variety of topics and categories

Send all submissions to submissions@christiangrandfather.org

We look forward to hearing from you.