Category Descriptions

“Write down the revelation on tablets, so that a runner can carry the correct message to others.” (Habakkuk 2:2)

Categories for Submission 

 (Guidelines Last Updated on September 10, 2022)

Christian Grandfather Magazine (CGM) is a new men’s magazine with focus on encouraging husbands, dads and grandfathers to walk and talk as Christ. We need encouragement to fulfill our role as Christian leaders in our families.

We are looking for guest writers who are dedicated to the Lord, and who can contribute their knowledge, experience, and ideas on how to live and teach that example in front of their children and grandchildren. We need godly men and women who can encourage and challenge these men to stay the course in their personal life and health.

Before you continue reading, please understand that this is a nonprofit ministry and therefore, compensation is unavailable at this time. You will receive credit, through your bio, for being published.

You are writing to bring Glory to God!

 NOTE: CGM does not limit our writers to these categories. However articles are more likely to be accepted for publication if they are. The main focus is to encourage, strengthen, motivate, and inspire men to build a stronger faith and empower their families.

Categories we are looking for:

The GRANDS: The most important part of this magazine is to spiritually connect fathers with their children, and grandfathers with their grandchildren. Men and women, alike, can share thoughts on the scriptural, family, and personal role of a Christian husband, father, and grandfather. Share with us ways that a father, or grandfather, can spend time with his grands and what our influence can be with them.

Some dads and grandfathers may not know where to begin sharing Christ with their grandchildren. They are asking, how do I start? What can I say or do? You can help by sharing how you, your dad, or granddad discussed spiritual things with you and now with your children. We need direction for our young ones, our teenagers, and our adult children?

Give us suggestions that will motivate us to share holy things that create a spiritual bond that brings them to us in times of joy and trial. Teach us ways to raise boys to strong men of faith who lead their family. Teach us to nurture girls to young women of God, who follow the leading of their husbands and are in love with God.

The SHARING: We would love to hear about the Christian men in your life. What is your favorite memory of them? How did they portray Christ in front of you and others? Did they influence you to follow Christ? What are the specific actions, words, or deeds that helped to inspire you? Have you taken a good look at yourself to see if you continued their legacy, or did you start one of your own? What can you share with men to refresh our hearts and minds to be strong and deliberate in our walk before those who follow in our steps?

The CALLING: Many scriptures call us to action. Using the context of the scripture you’ve chosen, persuade us to answer the call and then energize us to take action. Don’t just tell us what we need to do, provide ideas to actually do it. How do we apply this to our personal lives and grow spiritually from it?

Example: (Use the context of the scripture you choose)

‘Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children. And walk in love, as Christ loved us and gave himself up for us, a fragrant offering and sacrifice to God.’ (Ephesians 5:1-2 ESV)

How do we imitate God? Walk in Love like Christ and become fragrant sacrifice to God?

The WITNESS: Can you imagine the excitement of the early church when they came back from their travels and from sharing of the gospel? There was one collective praise gathering, sharing how each presented the gospel. Men and women who stood impatiently, wanting to be next to share their stories of acceptance, healing, and even rejection of the gospel. Those times must have been occasions of joy, thanksgiving, singing, and praise! Souls were saved in the name of Jesus.

Let’s continue to share those same joys? We share our encounters here, on Christian Grandfather Magazine? Include backstory, if there is any. Share your presentation of the gospel. Perhaps there are those who have backslidden and you have helped guide them to a new commitment in Christ.

How did the discussion of salvation come into the conversation? Explain the circumstances around this opportunity to present the gospel. What was the response? How did the conversation end? Electrify us! Arouse the spiritual life in our men to prepare for presenting the gospel everyday, and then share it with others. (see THE TESTIMONY below)

The TESTIMONY: But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect, keeping a clear conscience… (1 Peter 3:15-16a NIV)

How can we share our testimony if we are not equipped? One of the best ways to prepare is to write it down and learn it.

The writing of your testimony is the perfect way to be prepared. It allows you,

1) to fine-tune what to say when God nudges you to share it with someone.

2) It describes what life was like before and after meeting our Jesus.

3) Chronicling your faith will bring assurance and confidence to your personal spiritual growth.

4) In this day and age of people researching family heritage, a documented testament leaves your legacy for generations to come.

5) Most importantly, your testimony, on CGM, may be the encouragement one of our readers need to accept Christ.

If you are unsure where to start, I recommend the C.S. Lewis Institute.

Confirming your testimony, by writing it down, is a powerful tool to share with your friends and CGM.

SPIRITUAL GROWTH: Teach, instruct, and encourage men to grow in the Spirit by:

  • Walking close to God
  • Consuming scripture,
  • Daily habitual and fervent prayer
  • Stepping out in faith
  • Embracing the role of a Christian husband, father, or grandfather

Other areas might include:

  • Disciplining others (including family)
  • Sacrificially giving to the work of God
  • Becoming the fragrance of God at work and home

These only scratch the surface of an infinite list of things God has in store for men in their journey to spiritual growth. Write what God has placed on your heart.

INSPIRATION: True life stories written in first person that awaken our readers and inspire them to apply fundamental concepts of Christianity to their lives. Make the reader feel present, and on the scene as the story unfolds. Using our five senses to create vivid images filled with emotion, drama and excitement. Leave our readers with a sense of satisfaction in knowing Christ was involved throughout.

POETRY:  must have a Christian theme and message, and contain 50 – 200 words. Each poem should inspire our readers to reflect on who they are in Christ.

PHOTOGRAPHY: CGM needs your photography. We are looking for photos of dads and grandfathers with their children and grandchildren. We welcome them for use with our articles. Also any Christian themed photo will be of great benefit, i.e., worship, praise, scenic landscapes, family Christmas and Thanksgiving, ETC.

FOR THE PASTOR: Hundreds of pastors are leaving ministry. As writers and laity we have an obligation to encourage them to stay the course and consistently provide support, not only to them but to their wife’s as well. They are our shepherds.

We are looking for creative ways to support and encourage our pastors and their families.

DEVOTIONALS: Writers of devotionals should have a pure heart (James 3:8-11). With humility, graciousness, and spiritual sensitivity, you can create something that can alter a reader’s thinking and behavior.

You also need a focused mind (Ps. 1:1-3; 73:28). A succinct and powerful message must be distilled to 150- 400 words. This demands clarity.

And you must have a burning desire (Jeremiah 20:9). Ask for God’s guidance to say the right words to someone who may be reading a devotional published a year after you write it.

God is the Alpha, but He is also the Omega. He knows what hurts and needs people will have in the future, and He can use you to prepare materials today to help people during hard times tomorrow. [1]

  1. Everything you write must bring glory to THE ONE TRUE GOD! 
  2. Length is no longer than 400 words
  3. Your message should encourage, strengthen, motivate, and inspire men to build a stronger faith and empower their families.