We have responsibilities in life
by Troy Stoneking
Published on June 9, 2024
Categories: Devotions

We have responsibilities in life

You and I, we have responsibilities in life. Family, work, church, etc. We also have activities that we do for enjoyment or relaxation. Playing games, watching movies, going out for coffee, sports, and many others. Often our responsibilities and activities for enjoyment and relaxation overlap. For example, many of us love going to church, being part of worship, learning, and serving. And a lot of people really enjoy their jobs. But amongst all the responsibilities and activities we must remember this. “Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s and to God the things that are God’s.” Confused yet? Here’s the point. All of our responsibilities and activities are secondary to our relationship and obedience to God. We “render to Caesar” when we carry out required, or even enjoyable activities that don’t directly improve our relationship with God. They don’t necessarily harm it, they may not be by nature wrong, but they don’t draw us closer to Him. I am NOT saying we need to stop all such activities. Some are just part of life, and others bring joy to our spirits, which the Lord wants us to have. But our greatest joy comes from being close to God. Let us not allow the good, but temporary joy to keep us from the true joy of being close to our Lord!


Troy Stoneking is a Jesus follower helping others recover the joy of the Lord in their life. Information Technology leader with extensive experience in team building, training, coaching, sales, and customer service in Clarksville, Tennessee, USA.

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  1. Robert Arthur Marzullo

    Like caring for your spouse after she has had Surgery.

  2. Robert Arthur Marzullo

    We do indeed have responsibilities in life: to our family, at work, with family and friends, to the community we live in , to friends and relations, to the needs of others who are in poverty and need, to the poor and sick around us.


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