What’s your identity; Whose voice do you listen to?
by Don Schin
Published on May 15, 2024
Categories: Personal Growth

Do you feel like you’re wearing a mask all the time? Do you feel exhausted trying to keep up an identity that’s not really, or naturally, you? Is this the legacy you really want to pass on to your children and grandchildren? Maybe dealing with a little (or A LOT) of imposter syndrome? Does this cause you to take advice from, or ‘listen to’, the wrong voices?

I think the best way to deal with this is to look at our identities. What life are we really living? “Who” are we?

The first area to look at would be the Kingdom. Are we living as part of God’s Kingdom of grace, or do we live in the kingdom of self? Knowing Who we belong to should give us peace and joy. A peace that passes all understanding. While I don’t think anyone achieves this 100% (other than Jesus), what percentage of our time do we feel we spend in God’s presence? What percentage of time do we feel at rest, at peace, and joyful?

If we’re seeking our identity in other things, which are worldly things, we’re never going to be at rest. We’re never going to be fulfilled. We will live exhausted, probably burn out, and probably be found out. When we get something in this world, joy will be short-lived. We’ll quickly feel it isn’t enough, and be looking for something bigger, better, more ‘satisfying’ than the last. This cycle will repeat. 

Another part of our identity is how we love. Many ‘love’ out of fear. They worry all the time, am I doing something wrong? Am I sinning? Am I ‘good enough’? Will I get into heaven? What ‘loving’ thing can I do to earn my way in? Am I being ‘productive’ for God? Are we constantly striving to create an identity and live from it, vs. KNOWING we have already received our identity in Christ? OR do we live lovingly. Do we put others first? Do we put others’ needs and interests ahead of our own? Do we think of people as better than we are? (Philippians 2) God’s love for us is based on our identity with Him in the Kingdom, NOT our ‘productivity’ here on earth.

Another one that I’ve wrestled with is how we treat people. Do we see people as Jesus does, with His “eyes”? Jesus always saw people’s futures and destiny. He didn’t care much about their ‘history.’ Read the Adulterous woman’s story in John 8 as a good example.

The believer, someone living with a Kingdom identity, influences and touches the world around them. Through our intimacy and comfort level with our Heavenly Father, THIS becomes natural. The ‘self’ or other identity, lets the world in. They let the world influence THEM. Even to the point of corruption. 

So, ask yourself a few questions. First, which identity am I living in and whose voice am I subsequently listening to? Ask WHO am I here for, and what is my personal purpose in life?

Living in the right identity, Kingdom of God vs. kingdom of self, will provide rest, peace, and joy and a little bit of heaven, here on earth. 

Don Schin has extensive global experience in Asia with Fortune 500 companies. He now owns a franchise broker and consulting company. Don is a seasoned professional speaker and writer, authoring the book, “Can you Relate?” Don is active in his community where his time is devoted to men’s groups, local churches, and non-profit boards including recent past chair of the Bethesda Mission, the largest rescue mission in Harrisburg, PA. He also served as the chaplain for an AA baseball team through BaseballChapel.org. Don enjoys spending time with his wife, Kim, of 45 years. They have two grown children and seven grandchildren.

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