“False Altars”
by Dennis Lee
Published on May 15, 2024
Categories: Devotions

“False Altars”

Of King Ahaz of Judah, the Bible records that he didn’t do right in the sight of God. Instead of walking in the way of King David, he walked in the ways of Israel and its abominations.

God then brought the kings of Syria and Israel to attack Ahaz and the land of Judah. To prevent further incursion, Ahaz made a treaty with king Tiglath-Pileser of Assyria, who defeated Syria and the northern tribes of Israel.

Afterwards, Ahaz went to Damascus, the capital of the defeated Syrians, to meet with king Tiglath-Pileser. While there, he saw a magnificent altar of sacrifice, and had it replicated and ordered all of the people’s sacrifices be offered at that altar, while still maintaining the temple’s alter of sacrifice, probably to cover all his bases (2 Kings 16:17-18)

Can we say, Hypocrisy!

And what I find interesting about what Ahaz did, is that the altar he was so enamored with was from the Syrians, who were defeated, and thus by proxy so was their god.

So, why would Ahaz and the Jewish priesthood want to make sacrifices at the altar of a defeated people? It sure didn’t help them.

But it is no different today. The church has compromised and made a treaty with the world, where much of what we do as a church looks no different than what is presented in and by the world.

We have fashioned and built a worldly altar and are sacrificing our worship of God upon it. We want to look and sound like the world, but still use the church to say we’re of God.

Why is that? It may be because many within the church have succumbed to the ways of the world, calling what is evil as being good, and that which is good as evil, which is in direct opposition to God Word.

And what’s really sad is that the church has forgotten that the world has been defeated at the cross of Christ.


Dennis Lee is Senior Pastor at Living Waters Fellowship, Mesquite, Nevada. He presently has two books, “From Here to There: A Journey to Spiritual Transformation,” and “Wells of Living Waters,” He also writes a religious column for a local newspaper entitled, “Rediscover the Bible for Life,” along with daily devotionals and thoughts that he posts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Living Waters Fellowship’s Website


  1. Debbie Fergus

    Very sobering. Also, the more we try to do things as a church as a whole according to the world to be accepted by the world thinking that somehow we’re going to draw them to the Lord it defeats the purpose. It sadly affects our witness for Jesus Christ to the very ones that were trying to reach.

  2. Dennis Lee

    Thank you Debbie.


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