Girded With Truth ~
by Guest Writer
Published on May 14, 2024
Categories: Inspiration

Girded With Truth ~

If the battle with satan,
you truly want to win
you will need the truth
abiding deep within.

For the truth will make,
satan up and flee
for in you Jesus . . .
he is able to see.

 If the fight with darkness,
you are going to beat . . .
with the truth be girded
from your head to your feet.

That way when satan,
starts his vicious attack
you’ll be able with the truth
to fight him right back.

If the battle with satan,
is to be fought and won
we need to be braced . . .
with the truth of God’s Son!


Ephesians 6:14

Stand therefore,
having your loins girt
about with truth,

King James Version
Public Domain

 ~ to GOD be the GLORY ~

Deborah Ann Belka loves the Lord with all her heart and soul. Her Holy Spirit inspired poetry tells of her trust in God, her faith in Christ Jesus her Savior and her journey into finding peace that truly passes all understanding. She has received many awards for her work. Her prayer is that her poetry will be a blessing to all who read it ~ To God Be The Glory! ~ View all posts by Deborah Ann Belka

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