Leading Your Children to Worship God
by Love Worth Finding
Published on March 17, 2024

Leading Your Children to Worship God

You shall not make for yourself a carved image—any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.” Exodus 20:4

Ponder This

A woman came to her pastor and said, “Pastor, when should I begin the spiritual training of my child? When he’s five years old?” Pastor said, “No.” “When he’s three years old?” “No.” “When he’s three months old?” He said, “No.” “Well, when shall I begin?” The pastor said, “With his grandparents.” The faith that was first in your grandmother and now in your mother and now in you (see 2 Timothy 1:5). Don’t you want your children to love God? Show them through how you worship. It is so important that we teach our families to worship.

Do you worship the one true God? Do you worship Him in spirit and truth? Do your children know that you love Him more than anything else? I’ve got four kids, and one thing they know is their dad is not perfect. They know it. But I’ll tell you something else they know. All four of them will tell you that dad is not a phony—he loves God. They know that God is number one in my life. The best thing you can do for your kids is not to give them a college education or leave them a legacy but to teach them to worship God.

  • What does a life of worship look like for you?
  • Who have you seen exemplify a life of worship before God? How has that impacted you?

Practice This

Tell someone who truly lives a life of worship before God how he or she has impacted you.

Known for his unique ability to simplify profound truth so that it can be applied to everyday life, Adrian Rogers was one of the most effective preachers, respected Bible teachers, and Christian leaders of our time. As founder of Love Worth Finding  his evangelistic zeal and uncompromising commitment to the Word of God, he consistently presented the Good News of Jesus Christ with strong conviction, compassion, and integrity. Adrian Rogers was a devoted family man – husband to his childhood sweetheart Joyce, father to four children, grandfather to nine, and great-grandfather to six. Of all his accomplishments, Dr. Rogers often said his greatest joy centered in his relationship to Jesus Christ, his wife and family, and the church he pastored.  All material is Copyrighted ©2023 Love Worth Finding Ministries, Inc. and may only be republished with Love Worth Finding permission. Transcripts are used by permission of the Rogers Family Trust.

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