by Peter Caligiuri
Published on February 10, 2024
Categories: Grandparenting


Grandchildren are the crowning glory of the aged parents are the pride of their children. Proverbs 17:6

The word family gives us such warm fuzzy feelings, when spoken by pastors, politicians or television shows. But, if we were to be honest, the reality of our own family is often a lot less than warm fuzzies and is in fact, very complicated or even painful. Sometimes we experience conflicts between generations akin to the massive conflict played out every year on Super Bowl Sunday. But, when grandparents and parents play on the same team, kids come out ahead. 

Here are just a few ideas I have learned as a grandfather: 

  1. Grandparents don’t have all the answers, but we have learned a few of the right questions . . .
  2. Grandparents can’t keep up like Mom and Dad but we can help the kids to learn to slow down and wait.
  3. Grandparents make sure that there are always chocolate chip cookies on the table!

Sometimes Dad and Mom feel like the demands will never end. Grandparents know that it all comes to an end too quickly! God bless all you Moms and Dads as you share your children with us. With God’s grace we hope to give them back, wrapped in the love of a grandparent and ready to grow into who God intended for them to be!

Peter Caligiuri has been writing poetry since he was a teenager. Some of his short poems and devotionals have appeared in various periodicals such as Secret Place, Breakthrough Intercessor and The Upper Room. Peter holds a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education/English from Western Connecticut State College as well as having attended Elim Bible College. You can read more from Peter at Praise2Worship.

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  1. Robert M. Brown

    How precious to be a grandparent! Will never know as God never blessed me with children, however, life has been wonderful with nieces, nephews, and great nieces and nephews!!!

    • Andy Oldham

      Hey Robert! Many of Aunts and Unlces have been godly inluences in a childs life. Leave a legacy that will be an influencing model for when they become an aunt or uncle. Love that you have great neicies and nephews! That sir, is a blessing from God!

  2. Peter Caligiuri

    You are the spiritual grandparent to them. Sometimes “spiritual grandparents” are the only testimony some children have.

    • Andy Oldham

      Hey Peter, forgive me if I sent this more than once. You are exactly right! Many are, like myself,raising our grandchildren, or at least have thim living with them. I really enjoy sharing the Word with my granddaughter who is nine. Sharing the gospel and discussing the Word is and amazing bond!


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