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by Rene Girard
Published on September 28, 2023
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Insurnce  Benefits Available for You!

•  Dental Insurance:   Free Quotes, then enroll online in the plan of your choice.   Careington + Cigna + Humana

•  Employee/Corporate Insurance:   Do you know an employer who needs to save money on health insurance premiums?  Or employees who wish they could pay less out of pocket?  Our New, Truly Affordable, Group Health Insurance plans have:  No Deductible  +  No Co-Insurance  + Largest PPO Network in the Nation + Co-pays Only  +  Drug Coverage Included  +  ER & Hospital stays reimbursed

Our “Compassionate Cancer Plans” were designed by an insurance salesman whose son was diagnosed with cancer.   This is the type of plan that he wanted to find. 

•  CAP Group Cancer:   For individual members at substantially lower Group rates;  Receive a Lump sum payment upon diagnosis of cancer.  Use that money to replace lost income, pay for alternative treatments, or whatever your insurance doesn’t cover.  

•  CAP Group Medical Age 65+:   For individual members;  Almost identical to Medicare Supplement Plans F & G.   Accepts most health conditions that normally result in a decline.

•  Health Insurance Under 65:   “Off Exchange”,  Non-Subsidized Plans in 11 States.   “On Exchange” subsidized plans in 41 states.    Short Term health available in a few select states.

•  Healthcare Sharing Ministries:   Free Quotes from the largest Health Care Sharing Ministry in the country, then enroll online in the plan of your choice.  (NOT Insurance; a Christian alternative to health insurance)  We have an additional option for those who call.

Life Insurance:   Did you know that some forms of life insurance can provide funds while you are still alive?  It’s true.  Life insurance is not just “death insurance.”  Plans, prices, and benefits vary tremendously, so call to speak with an independent licensed agent who can help you find and acquire life insurance coverage to meet your budget and your family’s needs.  All ages and health conditions.
[NOTE:  We have partners who will buy life insurance policies for more than the cash value.  In some cases, will pay to keep large policies active in return for co-ownership so you retain partial death benefit.]

•  Long Term Care:  Who needs Long-Term Care insurance (LTCi)?  According to, close to 3 in 4 people will need help in the home or in a facility.  We offer Traditional LTCi policies as well as In-Home Care Plans plus some interesting alternatives.  One example is Zero Cost Long Term Care®.  You can also leverage your retirement funds for long-term care “just in case” you need it.   Discover how to “Protect your wealth from poor health.”  

•  Medicare Supplements:   Learn about Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Part D Prescription coverage.  Call for assistance in your state with option to enroll over the phone.
Big names you see on TV plus smaller specialty companies.   Receive free quotes, low prices, plus enrollment in the right plan for you.
Check out Christ Without Politcs today!
We  have hundreds of benefits avaiable to you!
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