An Important Conversation with My Younger Self, #4
by Kurt Bennett
Published on May 23, 2023
Categories: Spiritual Growth

An Important Conversation with My Younger Self, #4

By Kurt Bennett

So I’ve had a few conversations with my former self. If you’re interested you can check them out here: 1st conversation; here: 2nd conversation; and here: 3rd conversation. Today I’m traveling back in time to have a fourth conversation with my former self. I hope I’ll listen.

Young Kurt: “Back again eh?”

Old Kurt: “I’m concerned about you.”

Young Kurt: “But you’re from the future, so, you know everything turns out alright.”

Old Kurt: “It’s not quite that simple. Can I share just one thing with you today?

Young Kurt: “I guess so, go ahead.”

Old Kurt: “I want you to do us a favor.”

Young Kurt: “Yes…”

Old Kurt: “I want you to do this one thing for us.”

Young Kurt stares back blankly.

Old Kurt: “Please, do this for us. It will save us so much grief.”

Young Kurt: “Well, what is it?”

Old Kurt, says to himself: “How do I say this?”

Young Kurt: “Just say it!”

Old Kurt takes a deep breath, looks directly at young Kurt, and says: “Please, learn how to be humble.”

Young Kurt: “Come on. Maybe I could do better but I’m not that bad.”

Old Kurt: “When you’re older, you’re going to realize just how far you are right now from where you need to be. So please, listen. I’m pleading with you to listen. You’re smart and knowledgeable, and you have a talent for research, but you’re not as smart and knowledgeable as you think you are. And your biases color your research way more than you realize. Please, do your best to understand others before you shoot back with your own opinion. Respond with questions. Listen for understanding. Make people feel like they’re being heard.

“You’re not right as often as you think you are.

“You’ll save yourself so much misery if you’ll do this for us.

“Just learn to be humble.

“Proverbs 11:12”

Kurt Cameron Bennett is a writer best known as the author of the book Love Like Jesus. After attending church and studying the Bible for most of his adult life, he was challenged by a pastor to study Jesus. That led to an obsessive seven-year deep dive. After pouring over Jesus’ every interaction with another human being, he realized he was doing a much better job of studying Jesus’ words than he was following Jesus’ words and example. The honest and fearless revelations of Bennett’s own moral failures affirm he wrote Love Like Jesus for himself as much as for others.

Before becoming an author he served as a firefighter in Medford, Oregon. He was born in Chicago, Illinois. He currently lives in Hillsboro, Oregon, just a few miles from his son Gabe, daughter (-in-law) Charise, and grandson Andrew. He has another son Nate and daughter (-in-law) Anastasia who live in Sammamish, Washington.

His blog, God Running is a place for anyone who wants to (or even anyone who wants to want to) love Jesus more deeply, follow Jesus more closely, and love people the way Jesus wants us to.


Feature Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay


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