It’s Been an Interesting Start to the New Year
by Carrie Edwards
Published on March 14, 2023
Categories: Devotions

It’s Been an Interesting Start to the New Year

 Truthfully, it’s been Different Times for a while.

 It Seems I May Have Thought that Once I Got Through a Major Hurdle that it would be Smooth 🌊 Sailing ⛵️ afterwards.

 It Seems I was Wrong.

 While there have been Major Hurdles, it Feels like the Lord still has More to Reveal.

 If You Find Yourself in a Similar Space, I’d Encourage You to Pause and Wonder 💭 Why?

 Ask the Lord to Show You what He Still Needs you to Know and Learn.

 There are Very Good Reasons Why You May Still be Standing in Your Rain 🌧️, whether it’s a Slow Drizzle or a Downpour He has You in This Moment for a Reason.

 When You are Ready, He Will Part the Clouds ⛅️ and the Sun ☀️ will Shine.


Carrie Edwards, Words fill her head every moment of the day.

 Built Southern Strong, Carrie appreciates porch breezes, fire pits, dirt roads, and yes, sweet tea.

She defines herself first, as a Child of God, and Christ-follower. Second to Him, she is a wife to a man that the Good Lord put in her path 21 years ago, and that she knows, loves her more today, in all of her quirkiness, than he did when they first met.

 Carrie and Josh, along with their three children, whom she will tell you act and look more like their dad, depending on the day, call rural Georgia, home, and attend First Baptist Church, Warrenton.

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