by Dr. Michael Sprague
Published on March 1, 2023
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by Dr. Michael Srrague

I had the joy of hosting 3 Asbury College students who testified as to what they saw and heard over the last 3 weeks at the Revival on their campus. “What is it? Does it meet the Biblical definition of a Revival?” These 20-year-old students cut through the spiritualizing debates and simply described it this way, “We don’t know if it meets the definition of a Revival but we can tell you this – there were a lot of students who were dead in their faith who are now alive in their faith. There were many of the masses that came to Kentucky who were dead in their faith who are now alive in their faith in Jesus Christ.” The gatherings were totally student led and marked by PRAYER, CONFESSION OF SIN, SCRIPTURE READING, REPENTANCE, EXHORTATION TO GET RIGHT WITH ANYONE YOU NEED TO RECONCILE WITH, WORSHIP AND TESTIMONIES. Joy and a fear of God could not be missed. They chose from the beginning to have no celebrities involved. This was only about Jesus and the glory of God. A “radical humility” went on day and night.

This Outpouring/Awakening/Revival/Move of God was not manufactured, choreographed, planned, or anticipated. The students have Chapel three times a week. On the first day, there were a few songs and the speaker preached on Romans 12. No one came forward at the end of the message. The speaker texted his wife convinced he “totally whiffed.” The text read. “Latest stinker. I’ll be home soon.” A final song was sung and chapel ended – but 18-19 students stayed – praying and singing. By early afternoon there were 150 and then 1,000 and soon to be thousands on this little campus in a town of 6,000.

During calls of confession, 100 people would bow at the altar and confess addiction, fear, pride, or bitterness. There was an overwhelming sense of the presence of God and hunger for God and His Word. The auditorium became a graveyard as student after student chose to die to themselves. Many trusted Jesus as their Savior for the first time. Many humbled themselves and surrendered to God, “My life is yours God. It is about your purpose not my own.” God was bringing people to life spiritually and believers were recognizing the life they had in Jesus.

Eventually, the gatherings on campus were unsustainable. This is a tiny campus and it is the middle of the school year. The ongoing chapel gatherings stopped. The President wisely said, “You really cannot stop something that you didn’t start.” There is a morphing into discipleship groups and a call to go and share the Gospel with a lost world. Our three students were all missions minded. One was a business major and two were education majors. One is planning to go to work in an Arab Middle East country, another to Latin America and another to an American Public School. Why? The Gospel.

Reports are that Asbury is rippling to other campuses and places. I can say first-hand it is genuine in these three students. They are coming off the mountain-top saying, “Here I am Lord, send me.”

Dr. Michael Sprague is the Louisiana State Chaplain with the Capitol Commission and President of Grace Adventures. Michael does life with his wonderful wife Donna and resides in Mandeville, LA. His motto is “Bet the Farm on God.” You can find more information about Michael here.  

Feature Photo by Dr. Michael Sprague 


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