God with us
Daily Devotion
by Charles Cameron
Published on December 28, 2022
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God with us

Joseph Accepts Jesus as His Son. Mathew 1:18-25

‘Immanuel… God with us’ (23). Think of what this means! Here are some words to help you. ‘He walked where I walked, He stood where I stand, He felt what I feel, He understands. He knows my frailty, shared my humanity, tempted in every way, yet without sin. God with us, so close to us. God with us, ‘Immanuel!’.

Let your thoughts move on to the Cross – ‘He died in my place that I might live’. Let your heart be filled with worship: ‘Immanuel, O Immanuel, bowed in awe I worship at your feet, and sing Immanuel, God is with us; Sharing my humanness, my shame, feeling my weakness, my pain, taking my punishment, my blame, Immanuel. And now my words cannot explain, all that my heart cannot contain, how great are the glories of Your Name, Immanuel’ (Mission Praise, 221,326)

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Charles Cameron, better known as Charlie to his friends, lives in Scotland and is a member of the Church of Scotland. He owns several Christian blogs


  1. David Edmonston

    Yes, Amen

  2. Charles Cameron

    Thanks, Andy, for reblogging this post. Thanks, David, for adding your Amen. Thanks to all of you who liked this post. God bless you all.


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