A Spiritual Meaning For The Christmas Tree
by Lillian Penner
Published on December 6, 2022

Christmas is a State of Mind

By Dwight Ross

I am very pleased to announce that my poem, Christmas is a State of Mind, was included in the Old Mountain Press Holiday Cheer Anthology. I want to thank Editor, Tom Davis, for including my poem in this anthology. You can read the poem below.


When I think of Christmas

I am carried to that special place

hidden somewhere in the past


Christmas is a state of mind, you know

those childhood memories

packed away in boxes, like decorations

brought out to celebrate the season


Christmas is a time when a tune or a song

will open the window of my mind

to images seemingly forgotten, yet vividly clear

Music does that, you know

The song always remembers

Christmas is that feeling of reliving

school days, of pictures to color

decorations on the wall…

recalling church programs with four-line

recitations dressed up as Mary and Joseph

with the baby Jesus in a manger

and frightened shepherds and Wise Men


Christmas is a feeling of comfort and joy

being loved and appreciated

singled out and given special gifts

remembering the smiles on people’s faces


The joy of giving and receiving

is what Christmas is all about…

God’s gift of love and grace to us

is now our gift to share with others


Christmas is a state of mind

lived out every day of our life.

(Note: You can read all of the poems in this anthology by going to Amazon Kindle)

Dwight Roth grew up in Southwestern Pennsylvania. He taught elementary school in Eastern North Carolina before retiring after 29 years. Now he lives with his wife Ruth near Monroe, NC, and spends his time painting and writing. He has self-published several books that are found on Amazon Kindle. He is also published in past Old Mountain Press Anthologies. A book of poems called Ebb and Flow and a children’s book on Alzheimer’s called Grandpa Has Holes in His Head are his latest creations. Ebb and Flow is only available in hard copy from the author at dwru27@aol.com ,

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