by Doug Pierce
Published on September 11, 2022
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By Doug Pierce

 “I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living. Wait on the LORD: be of good courage, and he shall  strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the LORD.”Psalm 27:13-14 

IT HASN’T HAPPENED…YET!  When Abraham was in his seventies, God promised him and his barren wife a son. It seemed crazy, but Abraham believed God.  He and Sarah were ready for God to bring them a son.  But year after year, decade after decade, there was no pregnancy . . . yet. Finally, Sarah couldn’t take it anymore.  She told Abraham to have a child through her Egyptian maid, Hagar. Maybe that is what God meant when He said they would have a son.  Maybe the son would be born in their household.  She tried to help God out with the fulfillment of His promise. (Oh, does that not sound familiar?). That faithless solution ended in disaster; and it is still a problem today for the Jews as they continually fight with the sons of Ishmael known as the Arabs.


No, God made a promise and He was going to keep His promise! And God doesn’t need our help in doing ONLY what He has promised to do! Amen?! When Abraham was ninety-nine and Sarah was eighty-nine, the promise came to fruition.  Abraham and Sarah conceived a son!  How amazing is that?!  Isaac was the son of miracle birth, the son born by the power of the promise of God. Although it would have been very easy in those nearly thirty years of waiting to lose hope, Abraham did not. He kept clinging to the promise that God had given him.  When each pregnancy test showed a negative result, and Sarah began to cry once again, Abraham reminded her not to worry. The promise was coming . . . it just hadn’t come yet! 


I want you to think about something today that is very small but very powerful…something that can turn your doubts into faith . . . something that can enable you, when in a terrible storm, to see a ray of hope! It is the little word yet. That tiny little word, “Yet”, is used over 1,500 times in the Bible. It’s a small overlooked word, but like every Word in Scripture, it’s a very powerful Word when we apply it to our everyday lives! Just imagine how your outlook would change if you added the word yet to every bit of discouraging news.

“I haven’t seen a turnaround in my health problems . . . yet!”

“I haven’t found the right person to share my life with . . . yet!”

“I haven’t seen God come through . . .yet!”

“I haven’t seen an answer to my prayers . . . yet!”

“I haven’t grown very much in my faith . . . yet!”

“I haven’t led anyone to Christ . . . yet!”

“I haven’t experienced a breakthrough in my struggle with this sin . . . yet!”

“I haven’t seen my loved one turn to Christ . . .yet!”

Yet changes everything! Yet is a word that keeps you looking up and waiting expectantly for God to help you in your life and help you face your problems. Yet is an encouraging word of faith that drives away the gloom of doubt and disbelief. In our verses for today, king David clearly said he would have drowned in despair had it not been for the fact that He believed God was going to come through. To be sure, He hadn’t come through yet, but yet was on the way! In your problems and struggles, remember the word yet. Wait on the Lord, be strong, and take courage. God is faithful to His promises. He doesn’t act on our timetable, but He does act at the proper time!  And you can take that to the bank! 

Think it over . . .

Doug Pierce is a Church planter and a pastor. In 2003 he started, and continues to pastor First Independent Methodist Church in Madison, Mississippi. His #1 priority is to glorify God in all aspects of ministry. He does this through teaching his congregation to Love God, Love One Another, and Love Others to God. Prayer, outreach, and church growth through evangelism are vital parts of his ministry. He and his wife Suzanne live in Madison, Mississippi where they also enjoy their children and grandchildren.

To find out more about Doug‘s ministry visit the FIMC Website

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