Armor Up Anchor Down
by Carrie Edwards
Published on September 3, 2022
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Armor Up Anchor Down

By Carrie Edwards

“I Got Resigned”

Words have the power to wonder or to wreck someone. The power to define or destroy. the power to refine or ravage. This book holds within it 30 Days of leaning in and calling out like you have never done in the past. It offers guidance, support and encouragement in a world that is, often, in complete opposition of community.

Armor Up Anchor Down is not just for women; it is not just for men. This devotional book is open to anyone who searching for truth, stumbling, and possibly failing to make it through. It encourages those who are following Christ, but are soul-yearning for a more fulfilling relationship.

Carrie’s hope is that her devotionals are a new experience for you, even if you have read more than your share of others. With her string of word choices, she desires to weave for you daily reads steeped in authentic quaintness, raw empathy, and often inclining dangerously on the verge of gritty transparency. This is Carrie. This is you. This, is us.


Carrie is one of our talented writers here at Christian Grandfather Magazine. She has blessed us with many of her profound devotions. Each encourages and reminds us of whom we are “in” Christ Jesus. Her unique ability to glorify God leaves us with such a profound sense of excitement that when we step out into this world each morning; it is with the fragrance of God in our hearts.

Andy Oldham – Founder & Co-Creator CGM

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Join Carrie on this voyage as, together, we Armor Up and Anchor Down!


Words fill her head every moment of the day.

Built Southern Strong, Carrie appreciates porch breezes, fire pits, dirt roads, and yes, sweet tea.

She defines herself first, as a Child of God, and Christ-follower. Second to Him, she is a wife to a man that the Good Lord put in her path 21 years ago, and that she knows, loves her more today, in all of her quirkiness, than he did when they first met.

Carrie and Josh, along with their three children, whom she will tell you act and look more like their dad, depending on the day, call rural Georgia, home, and attend First Baptist Church, Warrenton.

To find out more about Carrie you can follow her on Facebook, or on her website.


  1. Barb Hegreberg

    Sounds like a great devo. Are you looking for reviewers?

    • Barb Hegreberg

      I read/review 4 books per week. The reviews are posted to my blog as well as various social platforms and websites. Send me a message via my contact form if interested.


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