Everyone is Under Pressure So Let’s Be Kind!
Derek Maul
by Derek Maul
Published on July 13, 2022
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Everyone is Under Pressure, So Let’s Be Kind!

By Derek Maul

This morning I have been fighting – struggling with – the sense of overwhelm that prompted me to write my “Is Anxiety a Sin?” essay a few months ago. Again, it’s nothing more dramatic than a “pile on” of circumstances that are difficult to manage. Not that life isn’t always challenging, but you never know at what point the balance is going to tip and it’s all – even temporarily – a little too much.

Of course there are so many variables, so many factors at play and combinations of pressures impossible to quantify, and it doesn’t make sense to say, “Just don’t worry about that..” or, like Scarlett O’Hara, “I can’t think about that right now… I’ll think about that tomorrow.” We cannot pick and choose, and it’s different for every person.

I was filling up my little Golf TDi with diesel, and instead of being glad to be paying a few cents less than the last time, I felt horrified at the cost. But it wasn’t the $80 fill up, it was that on top of the air conditioning repair, some extensive work under our house, and the leak in our mains water supply just as family are coming in. Not to mention the day-to-day stress associated with caring for my parents.

All this is simply my preface to what is really important. Everybody carries around baggage. Some more, some less. But there is no way to quantify it, to evaluate it, to decide on another’s behalf how they need to be handling it, or to even begin to know what is pressing down on someone’s soul at any given moment.

I don’t know if the person filling up beside me pumped their last few dollars into a car that needs repairs they can’t afford? I don’t know if the person at the traffic light is wrestling with some anguish? I don’t know if the cashier at the grocery store is caring for aging parents? I don’t know if the guy who just fixed my AC is maybe struggling with his marriage, or his children?

But what I do know is that I can be kind. I know how to smile instead of scowl. I know how to listen. I know how to pray.

I know that we need one another. Regardless of politics or culture wars or race or religion.

And I know how deeply I am loved and cared for. I know it from Rebekah, from our family in general, from our church, from my wide circle of friends. I know it from God. Pastor Mac puts it this way: “Know that you are loved beyond your wildest imagination!”

I can choose to respond to any person and to any set of circumstances – even when I feel anxious – from a heart filled up with love and assurance.

This is, I believe, one of our primary responsibilities as people who carry the light of The Good News. Not to pretend that life is easy – because it is not; not to feel guilty about our anxiety – that won’t help anything; not to presume to tell others how they should feel – that is absurd; but to extend the light, the caring, the compassion, the kindness, and the encouragement of God’s love to everyone we encounter.

When people cross our paths, have they encountered a little of the Good News?

That is the measure of our faithfulness and our witness – DEREK

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Derek is a North Carolina-based writer, journalist, teacher and speaker. He is the author of numerous books on what the Bible reveals as essential in becoming a man of God.

He is convinced that his four grandchildren are exactly the hope and promise that this world needs. His conviction is important to understand because it reveals a lot about his theology, and how he believes our identity as God’s children plays out in the day-to-day experience of living in a world where darkness, disappointment, and defeat are all too common.

He is a committed encourager, and a pilgrim in progress. He divides his time between writing and traveling to speak about the fully engaged life. His passion is to connect people – men and women – with a more vibrant, authentic experience of what he calls “The Life-Charged Life.”

If you would like to read more, check out his author page at Amazon. Also check out his website and his daily blog.

Reading Between The Lines, With Derek Maul is published every Wednesday on Christian Grandfather Magazine.



  1. Alan

    Amen brother

  2. Barb Hegreberg

    You have dealt well with a thorny issue today!


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