Christian Fathers and Sons
by Mark Davis Pickup
Published on May 13, 2022


By Mark Davis Pickup

After reading an article in the Human Life Review blog about Fathers and son , I’ve been reflecting on the fact that God the Father sent God the Son to save the world, through faith, enabling us to become children of God (John 1:1, 12; 3:16-17). The love of God the Father and God the Son was prepared to go to such extremes—even crucifixion on a cross—to make us his children by adoption (Romans 8:15, 23, Galatians 4:5, Ephesians 1:5).He gave us the template for fatherhood. It is a fatherhood of stability and order, nurture, tenderness and support, a love for one’s children that lifts them up to find the meaning and purpose for which God created them the night they were conceived. That purpose may not be lofty or august or majestic, but whatever their purpose and meaning may be, it must be rooted in divine love, obedience and surrender to His will.

If possible, fathers must help make that discovery as easy as possible for their sons (and daughters). If we have brought our sons up in an environment based on loving Christian morality that has the Bible as our guide. From early childhood we must teach them to listen for the leading of the Holy Spirit—they will be well on their way. Without the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, they will be confused by an evil world, its clever but wrong temptations, and hostility to all that is Holy. They may be drawn away from Christ and that is the great tragedy. Christian fathers want their children with them in Christ’s eternal love in this life and the next.



 Mark Davis Pickup is an extensively published Canadian writer and inspirational keynote speaker. In 1984, Mark was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 30, which drastically changed his life direction. After leaving the workforce at age 38 due to his condition, Mark dedicated his energy towards advocating, speaking, and writing on vital issues like disability, human life, the sanctity of life, Christian unity, assisted suicide, and suffering. He has spoken to various audiences across North America, ranging from university students, to United States politicians, to hospital medical staffs. Mark has received multiple awards for his work, such as a Governor General’s Medal for community service and the Monsignor Bill Irwin Award for Ethical Excellence.

Mark lives in Alberta, Canada, with his wife LaRee. They have 2 children and 5 grandchildren.

To find out more about Mark, see his website here.

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