Remembering Past Easter Mornings, Today
by William Zook
Published on April 7, 2022
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Remembering Past Easter Mornings, Today


With Easter just around the corner, I am certain most of us older gals and guys recall in somewhat the same format what Easter was for us. Now, for me that means thinking back about 70 years! Yet, when I think about those times I do so with warm, fuzzy feelings about my long, gone parents and the joy they had in waking us up on Easter Sunday morning. We were not strong churchgoers but never missed on Easter Sunday.

I also remember with a heart and mind filled with glee, the stumbling out of bed at Dad’s deep voice waking us up. I had three sisters who stumbled out of bed more reluctantly than I did, as Dad gave his deep voiced call for one and all to get their little behinds out of bed.

Similar to Christmas morning, we came into the living room to find Easter baskets and even a few wrapped presents. That was the start of our Easter celebration. Mom quickly got the baths running for each of us, combed my sisters’ hair, while Dad did the same for (or to) me.

Now, we all noticed the presents, but as always we knew they were going to be clothes for school or this morning for church. Mom made certain we were all properly dressed and reminded us what would happen if we ran to church and somehow got our new clothes dirty. Then, she would stop everything and tell Dad to get the car, load us kids up, and get us to church.

Now, I must admit as a 10 or 12 years old boy, I did not see the joy of Easter, even when my Sunday School teacher explained it.

Now jump forward those 60+ years! In all the years since then, I have always viewed Easter as the joy of learning about Jesus, the sadness to know about His eventual betrayal and death at the hands of the people, and the victory that His sacrifice has given me, and my friends, and family. So, my friends, I celebrate Easter with the joy of knowing what this day meant to my Lord and Savior, and what it means now to you and me.

— Dr. Will Zook


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Article by Will Zook, and Photo by Patrick Fore Published With Permission



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